But If Not

But If Not

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario speaks on the International Day of Prayer on “But If Not” from Daniel 3:

“All worldly powers need fear to operate, that’s how they control the masses. But what do you do with a person who has no fear except fear of God alone? These people are beyond manipulation, they are beyond control and in the eyes of the world they are the most dangerous people there are who have no fear what man could do to them.

God’s people don’t answer to human rulers, you and I answer to God first.

All of us face these questions: Who saves? Who rules? And Who belongs?

I really think the church needs to cultivate a spirit of holy defiance that says that no matter what you say, no matter what you do, no matter what your latest social experiment is, no matter what you say we have to agree with, we will not bow.

We follow Christ alone and that means our actions and our motivations for our nation and for our community is because we believe in Jesus Christ and His way.

Faithfulness to Christ and the way of Jesus is our mandate, it is what we’re here to do.

We have nothing to fear. It is Christ who saves, it is Christ who rules, it is Christ to whom we belong. He is the answer to our own dilemma and He’s the answer to the dilemma in our world.