The Enthroned Christ

The Enthroned Christ

Pastor Bill Rowe speaks on “The Enthroned Christ” at Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario:

We celebrate the birth of Christ, we remember the death of Christ, and we kind of stop there, but the story continues with the ascension of Christ.

If there be no ascension of Christ, there will be no reason to celebrate Easter or Christ’s empowerment.

If He were on the earth, He would not be a priest.

The ascension of Christ to heaven in bodily form after the resurrection is a fact of history.

What would we miss out on if Jesus had not ascended into heaven? The gifts of God and the gift to the church would not have been bestowed on us.

What is it like for Jesus to be walking around in a resurrected body forever and ever and ever?

When He went to heaven he received something from the Father because of His obedience to being crucified and living His life sinlessly. God crowned Him with glory and honour and praise.

After the resurrection 500 people at one time see Him. As He is blessing them, He is taken up into Heaven, before their very eyes He is gone and they go away rejoicing.

If Jesus Christ had not ascended, the Holy Spirit would not have come down upon us. We would not have the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to be our possession or have the gift and ministry of the Holy Spirit given to the church.

It’s because Jesus ascended that He has given gifts to us.

He is a priest forever. He is praying for each and every one of us.

When God designated Jesus as our High Priest, He swore an oath and He does not change His mind.

The ministry of Jesus is superior to all other ministries. Jesus is better than Aaron, Joshua, the prophets, than angels, all the way through. We have a better covenant now. We have access to God 24/7.

As I think about what Christ has done for me and is doing for me on a day-to-day basis: He saved me; He redeemed me; He filled me with His Holy Spirit; He says He will never leave me; He will never forsake me; He has given me the gifts of the Spirit; He’s forgiven me of all my sin; and, He’s given me the gift of repentance.

I’m not sure we realize what happened when Jesus, being obedient to the Father, took on human form because that’s how He is now – He has a body. That same body that is coming back to this earth one day to receive you and me.

We cannot stop at the resurrection of Christ, as important as it is. We have to complete redemption and the physical ascension and exaltation of Christ must also include these historical facts.

All that I’m talking about in relation to the ascension was witnessed by hundreds of people and recorded by the apostles that we today could know and understand that Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father.

Where does that leave us? I am crucified in Christ; I am buried with Christ; I am raised with Christ; and, I am seated with Christ. I am seated in the heavenly places.

Jesus is seated because it is finished. It’s a difficult thing for us to understand that we are completed – there’s nothing else I need. I am holy; I am blameless before God in Christ.

So when the enemy of your soul comes putting these little words in your ear, “You’re dumb; you’re stupid, you’re no good” etc. He’s a liar, he is the father of lies, lies are his native language, he can’t speak anything else but a lie. We always have a choice, are we going to believe this or are we going to believe God. God tells us that we are saved, we are redeemed, we are born again of the Spirit of God and we are forgiven.

Being seated – the job’s done. Why in the world would I want to keep on working?

Being seating means He’s interceding for us; being seated means He is our everlasting helper; being seated means He is now not localized but everywhere present at once.

In the book of Revelation we see Jesus as the coming King of kings in glory, in power, in honour, a Name above every name, the Lord of lords and the King of kings. That’s who we’re serving – not a humble servant, we’re serving the King of kings.