A Parable in Action

A Parable in Action

Pastor Jeff Knott of Grace Church in Port Hope, Ontario shares a message on Communion when Jesus washes the disciples’ feet entitled “A Parable in Action”:

The table is where God shows up.

What Jesus knows is the theme of the book of John. He knows the details of peoples’ past life. He knows what’s in the heart of people He is talking to. He knows the disciples are grumbling behind His back. He knows the One who has sent Him.

The cross is God’s expression of love for humanity.

The penalty of sin, the power of sin and the presence of sin is dealt with through the cross. Christ’s blood cleanses us from sin.

When Christ died He had no guarantee that any of us would respond to His love. Christ dies knowing that Peter is a denier, Christ dies knowing that Judas is a betrayer, and He still dies for the countless millions who refuse His grace and turn their backs, but He still dies.

He died because it was the most ultimate way to show humanity the full extent of divine love, whether we accept it or not.

Jesus came from the Father full of grace and truth as the full representation of God and freely died so that we might live.

There’s no tradition in the world that has a god who cures us from the disease that we brought upon ourselves by taking that disease in Himself and redeeming it.

Christ’s washing of the disciples’ feet is a physical demonstration of a spiritual reality. In Christ and because of Christ we are made clean.