Congregational Profile

Congregational Profile

Grace Evangelical Missionary Church was founded in 1940 on John Str. and was called Bethany Chapel. From there it moved to Ward Street in May of 1949. Mission ladies started and continued to support the Chapel until 1953 when the first ordained pastor came to Grace Church.

In 1988 it was decided that a new church should be built. The land was purchased where we are presently located on Centennial Drive. The manse was built first, followed by the church in 1988 – 1989.

Our capacity in the sanctuary is 250 people. It has a large foyer with a Welcome Centre where we get together after services for tea, coffee and snacks. We also have a well- equipped library. The lower level has a good-sized kitchen which serves us well for dinners and other social events. We also have a meeting room (Fireside Room), Sunday school rooms as well as a nursery.

We usually have 40 to 60 people who attend church weekly and who are financially faithful. We meet our budget every year. Historically there has been an excess of funds used for various local national and international ministries. We have an active membership of 42 people.

Grace owns the manse which is next door to the church and is currently rented out to Greenwood Coalition.

Grace is affiliated with the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada.

Our most recent senior pastor, Pastor Jeff Knott, was mentored as a lay person by interim Pastor Bill Rowe. Pastor Jeff was appointed as pastor in 2005 until June 2021.

We are a diverse church community with a few young families, middle age families and retirees from all occupations of life.

Pastor Donna Schultz has been our Congregational Care Pastor for 4 years. She is now serving as our Interim Pastor. We anticipate she will continue as our Congregational Pastor once a Lead Pastor is chosen. Esperanza Sztrimbely is our Children’s Ministry Co-ordinator part-time and Kim Rogerson is our part-time Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper.

Several years ago, some women from Grace Church spearheaded an outreach ministry as a Sunday night worship at Greenwood Motel which has developed into a program for our surrounding community. We now make dinners for Greenwood Coalition once every three months which is a grassroots organization for the marginalized and homeless community. Now through the coalition different churches and organizations feed up to 100 people weekly at St. John’s Anglican Church. Due to the pandemic deliveries are made to the community.

Programs we are running at present:

  1. Sunday School with 4 to 8 children.
  2. Men’s Bible Study meets weekly with 8 to 10 men.
  3. Women’s Bible Study meets weekly with 12 to 15 women.
  4. Young adult mentoring programme with 5 to 7 young people.
  5. Weekly Prayer meetings with 6 to 10 people.
  6. Encourage ministry which was started during the pandemic.
  7. Phone ministry…calling people, checking in on them during Covid.

All of these ministries have continued during Covid via zoom.

Some of our past ministries are as follows:

  1. We were instrumental in forming Coldest Night in the Year in Port Hope. It has grown and is now managed by Greenwood Coalition.
  2. Started dinners on Christmas Day at Grace but now is held at St. Mark’s Anglican Church.
  3. Trained pastors in Mexico, Brazil and Portugal.
  4. Community support in Italy.
  5. Aided Christian works in Indigenous communities.
  6. We supported a family from Syria.
  7. Homes for Habitat for Humanity…worked on a house for a gentleman who was unable to do physical labour involved.

At present we support missionaries in Italy and Mexico and numerous ministries locally such as women’s and men’s shelters.

Christmas projects we have done…spend less give more include:

  1. Financial support for homes in Haiti.
  2. Provided a pump to get fresh water to a community in Romania.
  3. Provided individual water filters for a community in India.

We are a small church, but very involved with our church family and community.

Small acts of love blossom.

We are a Church of Tov (good).

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