Our Vision is to identify who we are and what our mission is as a church that represents Grace Church and sets out a map for what we hope to accomplish in Port Hope, Ontario. The overarching statement that identifies our unique perspective is the following: Building Hope, Growing Faith, Following Christ.

To flesh out what we mean, listen to the Sermon Series:

Vision – Introduction

Building Hope

Growing Faith

Following Christ

Core Values

The core values we identified for Grace were ACCEPTANCE, HEALING, POTENTIAL, INTENTIONALITY, and AUTHENTICITY. What do we mean by these? What is our hope for each other? To have a strong faith in Christ; to always grow to be like Christ; to encourage people to reach their potential in Christ. Our Vision is a continuous cycle of how God’s story and our stories intersect as we integrate our faith in our day-to-day stuff. Grace accepts people. We are part of their journey, no matter how long they are with us. We believe everyone has potential for growth and there is the ongoing opportunity for transformation. We welcome people to come as they are, we recognize their gifts and encourage them to practice them. We are building people. When we build a faith-filled community, the work we do spills out into the community of Port Hope and beyond. We build relationships that are intentional.

The Core Values connect to our Vision: Building Hope ties in with acceptance and healing; Growing Faith ties in with potential and authenticity; and, Following Christ ties in with belonging to Christ and to a community of followers that is intentional. Listen to the sermon on our Core Values:

Core Values