Truth Ablaze

Truth Ablaze

Sermon Series by Pastor Donna Schultz on 1 John: The Inside Story with “Truth Ablaze”:

Advertising is a very powerful force in the good you can do by changing minds of people in certain ways.

We need to continually be looking at what the truth is in God’s Word.

“That which was from the beginning …” Jesus always was with God; Jesus is God; Jesus was with God from the beginning; and, Jesus made everything.

John says, “What we have heard, what we have seen, what we have touched – we touched the Word of Life.” There was no question of who Jesus was!

John says, “This is the truth so that we can have fellowship one with another.”

We are in the greatest battle of our lives to keep faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ, to keep the truth of His Word in our hearts, and to let other people know about it.

We need each other because we all received the greatest gift of grace. Who can I let know that they’re not in this alone? Who can I let know that we’re in this together because of the grace that both you and I have received?

God is Light – it’s an all-encompassing statement of who Christ really is. Light shines and reveals.

Each one of you are peace lights for one another. Because of the Light we have dignity and visibility.

The Light that takes away strife, discord, competition and jealousy. We all need each other’s light.