The People of the Lamb

The People of the Lamb

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the sermon series on Revelation: the Time is Near with “The People of the Lamb”:

Revelation creates a wonderfully symbolic world. Our focus is on Jesus and what it means for us today.

Any idea that’s floating around in our world is not neutral, it’s not random. But it’s put before us in either 2 ways: it’s put there to draw us toward Jesus; or, it’s put there to draw us away from Jesus.

The images and the symbols and all that’s going on all around us is either causing us to trust God or trust self. That’s what it’s all about.

When we put on our Revelation glasses, we begin to see Jesus in places we never thought before; we begin to see the lamblike quality in the way people sacrifice, in the way people love each other, in the way people talk to each other.

There are seven images of the Christian in Revelation 14 & 15.

The first image is of slaves set free. We are redeemed and we are purchased.

Do you know you’ve got the name of the Most High written over your life, you belong to Him.

The second image is that you and I are a sacrifice to the Lord; we are first fruits. We need to offer ourselves as living sacrifices. All that we have we offer to the Lord. Our time is His; our money is His; our capacities are His. None of us are owners, we are only stewards. Honour Him with everything that we have.

The third image is that we are a bride – we are engaged to the Lamb.

Idolatry, which is the worship of idols, is equated with adultery, which is being unfaithful to the one you are in covenant with. It makes the exact comparison. If you’re doing one, you’re doing the other.

Revelation asks the question, “Who are you betrothed to? Who do you love? Who do you worship?”

The fourth image is that of the Lamb itself. We share the same quality as the Lamb – be like Jesus, imitate who He is.

God desires us to be people of the truth, to tell the truth, to live the truth, to call forth the truth in each and every situation.

Jesus not only tells us the truth, He is Himself the truth.

You want to find out how to live, what is true, about the universe, about your place in it, and the nature of our world and where it’s going? You have to look to Jesus – He is truth!

Blameless means to act with the help of the Holy Spirit with integrity. If you’re going to be a bit of a character, do it with character. We follow Jesus and we share His character of the Lamb.

The fifth image is that we are followers of the Lamb.

“Follow Me”, those are the first words of discipleship.

Follow Jesus with the same passion that He had for the Father and for others.

Are you ready to follow Him?

A follower of Jesus is one who says, “Wherever you want me to go, Jesus, I will follow You.”

Listen to the Lord and if He’s saying to go somewhere then you go there. He will take you on a far better path than you could ever dream for yourself. It all hinges on your willingness to yield to Him, to be a follower first.

The sixth image of us is of victors. We are those who have fought the fight and finished the race; we have overcome and persevered despite the deceptive ways of the beast.

Heaven’s waiting for the full number of people who will be killed because of their testimony in Jesus to be added up. Heaven is waiting for the full number of those who do not love this present world more than they love what God has stored up for them.

If we remain alive because of our complicity with the beast, it will surely end in death. But if we die because of our love for Jesus, it can only result in life and life evermore – Hallelujah!

The seventh image is that you and I are a choir and we have a song to sing. We celebrate God’s delivering power.

It’s a song of revelation; it’s a song of revolution; it’s a song of redemption; it’s a song of a renewed world. There is a Promised Land and we’re going there!

We’re a choir and we have something to sing!

We think of ourselves as slaves, it’s a picture of redemption; we think of ourselves as an offering, it’s a picture of sacrifice; we see ourselves as the bride, it’s a picture of intimacy; we see ourselves as a follower, it’s all about obedience; we see ourselves as victors, it’s about our overcoming reward; we see ourselves as a choir, it’s about worship.

How do you see yourself? What’s the counter image that you need to take from these seven? Let these images shape who you are today.