The Good Gardener

The Good Gardener

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the Sermon Series on Sabbath Heart with “The Good Gardener”:

Rhythm of rest – this pendulum swing between work and rest or how Jesus put it between abiding and fruitfulness.

After a season of engaging in work, you intentionally enter a time of stopping. The purpose of that is to be replenished, to fill your tank, to focus on the One who gives you the strength and the skill to do what you do.

Sabbath is ultimately about worship because we stop and wait for God to replenish us.

Abiding mode is to bring transformation and renovation by cutting back those overgrown portions of our lives.

He’s in the business of purging everything in our life that doesn’t actually bring us life.

He most often does this in the abiding mode – it’s the only time we stop and listen.

Jesus alone is the source of life. If a branch stays connected to Him, it will not only survive, it will thrive.

If God has pruned your life back to the growing points in your life, blossom how He has created you.

What matters in God’s pruning of our lives is our faithfulness to what He has called us to do.

Comparison is always the enemy of contentment.

If He is pruning you back, let Him determine the areas of fruitfulness He wants at this stage of your life.

If He wants to move you further in growth, then let Him do that – maybe it’s something you’ve never done before.

Be open to what He has for you.

Pruning is about controlling growth. The Lord is controlling what He wants out of your life right now.

Do you trust the Gardener with your life?

Hold on to things loosely.

There are some Christians who love judgment, they can’t wait for everyone else to get it.

It’s a picture of Someone who stoops down, lifts you up and positions you for success.

That alone is fruit bearing in your life, when you feel about yourself what God has already said about you to be true.

What this Good Gardener is all about – purifying, restoring, healing, putting us in a place of health and wholeness where we can flourish.

So let’s start believing what Jesus says about us.

He’s already cleansed us, He’s already put us in that position.

The only one telling the truth these days is Jesus – so let’s believe Him.

Jesus is interested in a long-term transformation. The only response to that commitment is surrender. Surrender to what He’s doing in our lives.

He’s moving us into a greater place of flourishing.

He’s a Good Gardener, He knows exactly what you need to succeed.