Take Your Stand

Take Your Stand

Pastor Jeff Knott begins the sermon series “Clothed: Put on the Armor of God” with “Take Your Stand”:

What is your calling? Be strong in the Lord in this remaining time.

It’s like searching through your couch for a couple of quarters when you have this whole bank account that can access – that’s how sometimes we act as Christians.

We often live in our own power.

The Christian has the power of God as their birthright.

You only need to make it a habit and it becomes part of you.

Why? So you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

What’s needed is a thorough knowledge of the enemy, a healthy respect for his craftiness balanced with the truth that he is a defeated foe and you have been given everything to stand.

One way the devil works is through gossip. Truthfully, when we gossip, we’re helping the devil with his work.

“Gossip is speaking to someone who is neither directly part of the problem nor the solution in a situation concerning another person who is not present.”

Gossip is pure poison. It feeds a false and ugly sense of superiority in our hearts. It harms your personal and spiritual witness. It destroys your integrity.

It harms and ends relationships when we gossip. It ruins reputations because it may not be true.

We’re talking about how we use our words and how the enemy takes what we say and he uses them to hurt others; he uses them to hurt our witness.

Another way the devil works is through discouragement.

Discouragement is a lack of courage. We lose our courage when we lose our resolve that the future is actually worth anticipating.

Discouragement starts with disbelief. We stop believing all the things that God has said that is true of us.

When the Bible says that He sticks closer to a brother and He will never leave you nor forsake you, what business do you have feeling lonely?

All the promises of God are “Yes” and “Amen” in Christ Jesus, but in discouragement they are “No” and “Never”.

When you come discouraged, what did you stop believing?

The enemy knows that if we exercise our faith, nothing is impossible.

If we have a long season of discouragement, what has the devil done for that season? He’s immobilized you.

What is the remedy for discouragement? Encouragement – give yourself courage, build your courage back up. Take your faith and fan it into flame.

Encourage yourself in the Lord – start being thankful and praise the Lord, it will take you out of the pit.

Build yourself up in the Lord.

How we use our words either gives the devil a foothold or banishes him from our lives.

How we use our words will either build people up or tear them down. The Lord has given us a choice. Choose to bless.