Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the Sermon Series on Sabbath Heart with “Stay Connected”:

People are looking for life in all the wrong places.

What Jesus is claiming to be is the most important, the sole source of life. Jesus alone is the true source of life.

He’s our answer if we have a question; He’s our remedy if we have a problem; He’s our destiny if we’re looking for direction and a future; He’s our fullness if we’re looking for who we were meant to be and all that we are called to be; He’s our joy if we’re looking for happiness. He’s the well spring of life.

We love fruitfulness, we’re meant for fruitfulness. We’re created to be generative beings made in the image of God. We’re meant to grow, producing good fruit in our relationships, in our vocations and in our service.

We are not the source of the fruit. We must be connected to the vine. It is for the Father’s glory that we bear much fruit. The fruit is meant to be His.

Slow down and stay connected.