Prayer: Judgment

Prayer: Judgment

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the Sermon Series on Revelation: The Time is Near with “Prayer: Judgment”:

“One of the greatest blessings to being a Christian is that we know the end of the story … the kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ and He shall reign forever and ever.” Revelation 11:15

“That gives us hope and purpose and a message for this world.”

“God will deal decisively with evil.”

“Judgment is a reason to celebrate. The fact that God will do something about evil … because good will forever be our lot. God will forever secure our good and the good He always intended for creation.”

“Everything will be all right in the end.”

“The Kingdom has already come in us. The restoration of the world is well under way and it’s begun in you and I.”

“God’s judgment on evil has already started.”

“The call to come from the four living creatures is to the Lamb at the centre of God’s throne. ‘Come, Lord Jesus and establish Your Kingdom.’”

“Revelation is bracketed in this idea of the church or creation calling out to God to come. It starts with verse 7 in chapter 1 ‘Look, I am coming’; it ends with Jesus saying, ‘Look, I am coming quickly’ in chapter 22 verses 7 and 12. He says, “Yes, I am coming!’”

“Why does the call for Jesus to come begin the arrival of these horsemen and the judgment they bring? That when God intends good for His creation there has always been, since the fall of Lucifer, a sinister force trying to mess it up. The four horsemen represent the resistance that takes place in the world today.”

“The white horse represents the lust for conquest; the domination of others.”

“The red horse represents civil war.”

“The black horse represents pestilence and death.”

“They represent evil run amok in our world.”

“Are we waiting for these things to happen? We witness human atrocities every day. What’s behind it all? The blunt answer is sin.”

“Every time we go against the will and the way of the Lord it results in conflict, violence, injustice, sickness or death. Sin gives birth to death.”

“Misery and terror are actually the natural by-products of our rebellion against God.”

“Sin is God saying, ‘You want your own way, you can have your own way.’”

“If there is judgment, it is because of the fruit of the seed that we planted. We end up with a world full of consequences of sin because we don’t first seek His Kingdom and His righteousness.”

“There is only one Kingdom worth pursuing and that is the Lord’s. Only His Kingdom has the power and the love in power to guide and direct the power for life-giving ways.”

“God is desiring a church that’s unblemished. God is wanting to purify and cleanse us so that we can be salt and light in this world.”

“Is there a war in your heart today? He’s asking you to love, to make love the principle motive in your heart.”

“Maybe you have famine in your life. Taste and see that the Lord is good. He’s the giver of good gifts. Call on Him.”

“Or maybe pestilence and death have settled into your thinking; or criticism and negativity occupy a big space. The Bible says to put off the old body and receive the Lord’s life.”

“War, famine, death – they exist in us too and the Lord wants to cleanse us of these things so we can truly be the people He’s called us to be – bright and shining stars, a witness to this world.”

“If we ignore the small indicators that something is wrong, it will always add up to disaster.”