Of Love and War

Of Love and War

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the sermon series on Revelation: The Time is Near with “Of Love and War”:

All the influence the world believes they have is so miniscule compared to the power of God – Hallelujah!

Christ will return and get this party started!

His gaze is intense, it’s penetrating, it’s pure, it’s purifying is the stare of Jesus on our lives.

If we take the cross as the winepress of God’s wrath that means the blood that His garment is dipped in is His own blood.

Notice that the blood on His robe is before the battle, suggesting the battle has already been fought and won on the cross of Calvary – that’s when all the chains have been broken.

Do you see the contrast between salvation and judgment? It’s a contrast between two feasts: there’s the feast that includes all those who made themselves ready that celebrates our salvation, the marriage supper of the Lamb; and, there’s also another feast, a very horrifying feast, God’s feast. It’s all the birds of the air eating the flesh of all the dead bodies.

We shouldn’t talk about judgment without tears. It should horrify us, it should sadden us, it should make us weep.

The guests are the birds of the air and the main course are all those marked by the beast and those who worshipped his image.

The Bible is clear – there’s only two eventualities in this life: salvation and judgment. There’s no door number three. There’s no third option.

The revelation John receives is meant to force us into a decision to put things in such stark terms that we know that we are without excuse.

Jesus wins – that’s the truth. All those on His side win, but those who are not on His side are lost forever.

Love and war belong together. Christ is the Bridegroom, but He also shows up on a war horse. Hold these two notions in tension, they’re actually complementary ideas.

Yes, He will deal with sin, but He has tremendous patience in dealing with sin. Yes, He will go to the uttermost to cause you to know His love and He’s done that through the cross, but one day that time will run out.

Eternity hangs in the balance.

God will not be fooled by any of us. His love is massive, but so His capacity to bring an end to evil.