Counselling Services

Counselling Services are provided through our Congregational Assistance Plan (C.A.P.). It is a way for Grace Church to make counselling available to everyone in the church.

From time to time all of us are faced with difficulties, some more serious than others. Usually we are able to resolve them. But there may be a time when our usual ways of coping no longer seem to work. This may be a situation related to family, marriage, grief, etc. If that happens to you, Grace Church offers professional Christian counselling support through Shalem Mental Health Network.We offer a solution-focused counselling model of up to 6 sessions in a year. A professional counsellor who is a Christian will help you to develop a strategy to cope with and resolve a variety of issues, including marriage difficulties, adolescent and child issues, bereavement, stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, abuse and others.

How to Access

To access these services you do not need to be referred by your doctor or pastor. Simply call Shalem’s toll-free number and mention that you attend Grace Church. An intake staff will ask you a few questions to determine the issue(s) about which you are seeking help. They will also note any specific requests, such as wanting a male or female counsellor, evening appointment times, etc. You will then be contacted by the appropriate counsellor who will set up your first appointment. It is also completely anonymous.

These Counselling Services are available free to all members and regular attenders of Grace Church. This is due to the importance that Grace Church places on healing which is one of our Core Values. We believe that we are in community together so that we can help and support each other as we grow in faith.

For more information please pick up a brochure or visit Shalem’s website: