Paul & Elaine have some new items in the library:

Growing Up Amish is a memoir written by Ira Wagler who was born in a small Old Order Amish community in Alymer, Ontario.  I knew we had Old Order Mennonites in Ontario, but was surprised to learn about this Amish settlement.  The book depicts the simple life from his childhood on the family farm, a family move to Indiana, and his quest to discover who he is and where he belongs.  Ira battles the pull of “the world” and the comfort of what’s familiar in his community.  At the age of twenty-six, he leaves the Amish church for good.  Ira currently lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  If you enjoy reading Amish fiction, you will appreciate this true story and the personal decision we all must make regarding our faith.

Relevant Magazine:  September/October 2017
There is a very interesting article entitled “Inside the Sanctuary Movement” which delves into American churches that risk everything to save immigrants from deportation.  800 churches now offer sanctuary to undocumented immigrants in the United States.  While that represents a very small percentage of churches, it is twice as many as existed before the 2016 election.  Find out why these churches are willing to participate in this civil act of disobedience.

Grace Church has Talent!
One way we worship is through music.  If you are looking for something uplifting as you commute, or you enjoy listening/singing along to good music, come check out one of the CD’s by our very own Roxanne.  There are 3 discs available:  “Lady In Red”, “Second Chance” and “You Are God”.   Most of the songs have been written by Roxanne, herself!  If you like what you hear, you can connect with her about obtaining one or more for your own personal collection.