To the Angel of the Church

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the series on Revelation: The Time is Near with “To the Angel of the Church”:

“There are seven principle ways to hear God’s voice.”

“There is a seven-fold description of Jesus in Revelation 1.”

“The description of Jesus has his hair like wool, representing purity and forgiveness.”

“His shining face represents blessing.”

“His eyes and mouth represent the organs of relationship.”

“His feet and hand represent the capability of God.”

“The focus is on his voice – it is most important that we hear His voice.”

“First and last thing you need to know about God is that He is both forgiveness and blessing. If you ignore His forgiveness and blessing, all you have left is judgement.”

“The voice of God is meant to be central in our lives.”

“He that has an ear to hear – that’s what He wants us to do is hear.”

“We overcome by hearing.”

“In the letters to the churches we have affirmation, correction and a promise.”

“Our service can be generous, but so easily turns to resentment in the absence of love… Our orthodoxy can be life-giving, but so easily turns to a lifeless and cold existence in the absence of love.”

“He gives us a promise which is the motivation to change.”

“Humans have no earlids.”

“The Lord is speaking to each of us today. He is speaking, the question is are we listening.”

“Is it a word of affirmation or correction or promise or all three?”

“If we are going to overcome, we need to be a church that hears.”

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