Self Control

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the sermon series on The Fruit of the Spirit with “Self-Control”:

“God is ALL about relationships.”

“Paul sets a contrast between hatred and love, discord and peace, anger and patience, fits of rage and kindness, self-ambition and goodness, factions and faithfulness, envy and gentleness.”

“Bible does not say God exercises self-control, but we can infer that He has it.”

“God is perfect and righteous in every way.”

“Self-control is the fruit most focused on the individual behaviour – it’s personal, it’s about the self.”

“Self-control regarding the tongue – it’s hard to tame the tongue.”

“The Cardinal Virtue – prudence, justice, temperance and courage.”

“Without self-control who can learn any good or practice it worthily?”

“Our desires are meant to serve us, not to master us.”

“Self-control is the free and proper use of our desires.”

“A well-ordered heart is to love: the right thing; to the right degree; the right way; and, with the right kind of love.”

“I am dead to self and sin and alive with Christ.”

“If we focus on others we can crowd out self and self-control will naturally take place in our lives.”

“Cultivate love, joy and peace and there will be no place for lack of self-control.”

“Prov. 25:28 – Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self control.”

“Love is the foundation of the fruit of the Spirit, but self control is the umbrella.”

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