The Real Lord’s Prayer

Pastor Jeff Knott concludes the sermon series on Prayer with “The Real Lord’s Prayer” based on John 17. Here are some excerpts from the sermon:

“Jesus is our prayer mentor.”

“Sometimes suffering is part of God’s plan.”

“In order for there to be a testimony there has to be a test.”

“The cross is essential to every aspect of our lives today. It’s not a memorial. It’s a lived reality.”

“Is our life cross-shaped?”

“Through the cross Christ has provided reconciliation for all mankind.”

“Jesus is our reference point. He’s the map. He’s the compass. He’s everything. He is the hope of the world.”

“The way we do life together is our best apologetic to a watching world.”

“Heaven is paid for, but it’s prayed for as well.”

“Glory, protection, unity, love, eternal life and a blessed future – the time has come for the church to move into all these dimensions that Jesus has prayed for us.”


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