Pastor Jeff Knott continues the series on The Fruit of the Spirit with “Peace”:

“There’s a single source of light and that is God Himself.”

“When love and light come into our lives … His disposition becomes ours.”

“Biblical love is always away from self and toward another.”

“We’re meant to live WITH others; we’re meant to live AMONG others; we’re meant to live FOR others.”

“Shalom – Hebrew concept of peace. It is much more than just the absence of conflict or pain. It is much more than just a long soak in the bath. It is much more than a vacation.”

“God’s definition of peace has to do with wholeness; has to do with complete well-being.”

“Every aspect of you is complete.”

“When peace comes to settle in our heart, in the midst of the shaking of the world, there can be an inner peace and an outer peace in relation to people around us.”

“It means to be undivided; it means to be unimpaired by circumstances or situations or inner promptings.”

“The way of peace is meant to be a way of life.”

“It’s about having health which is the opposite of dis-ease. We can have that health in all of our relationships or at least we’re meant to.”

“If you’re wrestling with sleep there might be dis-ease in you.”

“You can have a deep sense of peace in your spirit and know that you are one of the beloved.”

“When God reigns in us so does His peace and His righteousness .. it becomes fruit in our lives.”

“What’s really needed is that hearts need to be transformed.”

“Imagine if peace got to decide what happens? Think of peace as an umpire.”

“Imagine a community of whole people living whole lives, testifying to the whole truth that our God reigns.”

“What’s the thing that keeps me disconnected  from others?” What’s the thing that keeps me disconnected from God?”

“Some people love the dis-ease in their lives – it gives them something to talk about and to focus on.”

“Is there a disconnect for you between what Christ has done on the cross and what you’re currently experiencing?”

“Explore the ways of peace. Peace with God. Peace with others.”

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