Pastor Jeff Knott continues the series on The Fruit of the Spirit with “Patience”:

“Patience is more than a stoic resolve to wait for something. It connects the work of the Holy Spirit and the disposition towards patience.”

“Patience at a deeper level has everything to do with the way we treat each other.”

“When we’re dealing with people’s faults and foibles we know about suffering long – to put up with or bear with one another’s idiosyncrasies.”

“It’s easier if someone is causing you issues to break the relationship.”

“He wants us to live patient lives because we reflect God’s quality of patience. It is both a work in us and a witness to the world of what love, true love, is really like.”

“We have been recipients of God’s patience.”

“It allows the consequences  of sin to do their work, so that we realize life without God is really intolerable.”

“Far from God and yet wooed back. Why? With a club? No! With a patient call to come home.”

“You may want what you want, but do you want what your wants lead you to?”

“Patience is really that capacity to figure it out.”

“The father in the prodigal son waited; he waited. That long suffering forbearance until the boy had lived enough outside his true home to realize that even his dad’s servants were better off than him. He needed that space to figure it out.”

“God’s patience is a function of His love for us. He didn’t create us to destroy us. He created us so that we might share in His love.”

“He gives us enough time to figure out that ‘I need the Lord!'”

“God’s patience shows just how important we are to Him. He could write us off; He could vote us off the island; He could say, ‘Go play in the freeway’, but He doesn’t. He’s patient. He longs for a relationship with Him and He’s willing to wait.”

“He shows us His kindness which is the active side of God’s love; He shows us His patience which is the passive side of God’s love.”

“If we want the people around us to grow, we’ve got to let them struggle sometimes.”

“Patience is a measured approach; it gives the situation time.”

“How many regrettable responses to other people would have been helped with a time out? If you just stopped and give it some time and space.”

“That’s the connection between patience and forgiveness. It gives you time to sort out “I need to forgive that person.'”

“What if we had enough confidence in what God was doing among us that we would let Him correct that person; we would let Him bring that person to a place of repentance?”

“Slowing the tension down speeds up what God wants to do.”

“Leave room for God to work.”

“Take the long approach to what God is doing in your life.”

“Sometimes the kingdom looks like a seed, it doesn’t look like much, but when God is in it, it’s everything.”




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