Pastor Jeff Knott begins the series on The Fruit of the Spirit with “Love”:

“I’ve been around lots of apple trees .. pear trees … we had a plum tree in our own backyard growing up … You know I’ve never heard any of those plants groaning trying to produce something in their life … it just happens because it’s in them to do it.”

“When there’s life in the tree, there’s fruit on the branches.”

“Fruit is the natural product of life. If we find ourselves in the Lord on an ongoing basis, fruit will just naturally come.”

“It’s His work in us that makes us different.”

“Participating in the life of God, availing ourselves of the Spirit and letting Him do the work of transformation and in that we can be different people.”

“Fruit of the Spirit not fruits – all of these qualities, these God-like qualities, are available to us.”

“It is the Spirit’s work in our lives that cultivates this fruit.”

“The way of the human heart is to enslave and control, but it’s not the way of Jesus.”

“To the legalist and to the one who’s given to license, you need love.”

“Love is the answer to the rule-keeping person; love is the answer to the one who is given to rule-breaking.”

“You want a law to follow? Love God and love people.”

“Love helps us get over the selfishness of the flesh.”

“We commodify people … but love says all people are worthy of respect and love.”

“God’s love is completely unmerited; God’s love is thoroughly steadfast; God’s love is a suffering love; God’s love knows no bounds.”

“To share in His life is to share in His love.”

“We live our lives under God in a faithful way by living by the Spirit.”

“We avoid those two dangers of legalism and license because we put love above rules and service above our own needs.”

‘You’ve got to live in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.”

The best prayer is “Lord, make me willing to be willing.”

“The longer we are in Christ, the greater capacity we have to be more and more like Him.”

“The fruit of the Spirit is not about performance, it’s about character.”

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