Pastor Jeff Knott continues with the sermon series on The Fruit of the Spirit with “Joy”:

“How do I know a person is a spiritual person in the Christian sense? Because I see joy in their lives.”

“Reasons for joy are family, feast, faith and a future.”

“Family is another way of describing the relationship that we enjoy as part of the people of God.”

“We’re meant to rejoice in this family connection.”

“We wouldn’t have picked each other, but because of what Christ has done, we are family.”

“Family is challenging.”

“The good news is that because we belong to Christ, know that you are part of the family of God. Nothing can separate you from this family.”

“Christopher Wright states, ‘You are part of a family that you can never lose.'”

“Every one of us was lost, but now we’re found and we should celebrate.”

“So celebrations are occasions for joy – feasting is an expression of our faith.”

“Have a great time celebrating what God has done.”

“So if you want to build yourself up, get your joy on!”

“It’s in joy that we are strengthened.”

“The joy of having a faith is that knowing Jesus Christ and knowing that He is truly the answer to the world answers a lot of questions for us.”

“We know God is going to redeem everything. There is hope in this situation. There’s a resource in the Lord.”

“You can die with all the toys, but in the end, you’re still dead.”

“Only in Christ are you alive forever.”

“We have that good news resident in us and that should bring us great joy.”

“Joy is having a future. We know there’s something more.”

“A day is coming when the King will return and He will make everything right.”

“Having a faith that has a future gives us great hope.”

“Choose to be joyful.”

“Yeah, life is a serious business, but we’re meant to have some fun along the way. We’re meant to really, truly be alive and we can’t be alive unless we have that joy in our lives.”

“Love joyfully.”

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