Forgiving Yourself

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the sermon series on forgiveness: healing a heart full of hurt with “Forgiving Yourself”. Here are some snippets from the sermon:

“If you can accept God’s forgiveness and forgive others and yourself, it all adds up to being TOTALLY FORGIVEN.”

“If we are a forgiven people and forgiving people then that includes forgiving ourselves.”

“If love keeps no record of wrong, the question is why are we keeping that record of wrong?”

“Was Christ’s work on the cross not sufficient for your particular situation? You are free of it; it’s paid for. Why are you still living with the accusation?”

“Why pay the Visa bill when the balance is 0?”

“In Christ we are not unrighteous anymore.”

“This is the scandal of the cross – it’s all taken care of: You’re free!”

“When Jesus said, ‘It’s finished’, what do you think He meant? He meant, ‘It was finished!'”

“Fear has to do with punishment; fear keeps us captive. What are we living with fear and punishment for anyways? Freely accept His love – there is no fear in perfect love.”

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.”

“Stop listening to the accusing voice of the enemy in our lives. The godly thing to do is to walk in that freedom.”

“So if God has let you off the hook, will you?”

“To live in unforgiveness is to give the devil a foothold in your life.”

“What is the language of forgiving yourself? I am free.”

“Train your mind, train your spirit, train your heart with the words, ‘I AM FREE!'”

“What does it look like to be freed up in the Lord? A whole community of people who are free from the past and they’re charging into the future with crazy abandonment full of grace and love and the Spirit’s direction.”

“Set yourself free today – because it’s already done deal.”

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