Faithful Presence – Part 1

Pastor Jeff Knott speaks on Living a Life of Faithful Presence. Some excerpts from the sermon:

“We can pray for things and yet feel not connected to them at all.”

“In our prayer life a disconnect is often present when we pray for things we are not present to.”

“We can be the church on the hill who just prays for the people out there for them to stay completely disconnected from their lives.”

“Living above place is the tendency to keep cause and effect relationships far enough apart in space and time that we cannot have first hand experience of them.”

“It’s really easy for us to live cocooned lives unaware of the reality even in our own neighbourhoods.”

“It’s fine to pray … but there must be a tangible expression of God’s love.”

“God has left the church in the world to care for our community.”

“We witness by doing life together.”

“How do we take up residence here in our community so that they see the rule and reign of Jesus in our lives?”

“What does it mean to be in this place?”

“The Son of God Himself moved into the neighbourhood and we need to do that too.”

“We are called to be with others.”
“The way of Jesus is being on the ground being with people.”

“To live faithfully present with the people around you.”

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