We Need Discernment

Pastor Jeff Knott continues the series on Prayer with “We Need Discernment” based on Solomon’s prayer for wisdom in 2 Kings. Excerpts from the sermon:

“We need this skill today, to determine the good from the evil.”

“Justice is about everyone being treated with equity, particularly those that are without social power and position. It’s to care for the weak and the disadvantaged and those that need help to get through life.”

“Justice flows out of God’s heart and character. God wants justice in the land so that everyone is treated humanely.”

“Why pray for our leaders? Because they have an impossible task.”

“If it wasn’t for the grace of God, humanity would have extinguished itself long ago; we would have imploded long ago.”

“Put God first, put the Kingdom first, put justice first. When we put God first, He takes care of us.”

“Leslie Newbigin said that the church is a sign, a foretaste and an instrument of the Kingdom.”

“A sign points you to something; we are a witness to the reality of God’s Kingdom.”

“Foretaste is to get a sample of something ahead of time. People get a taste of justice and righteousness, a glimpse of what is to come.”

“An instrument is an agent in the service of the King.”

“It’s a peaceable Kingdom that Jesus calls us to.”

“ABC – Anything But Christian.”

“How do we reach people today? How do we reach people in this generation?” God’s going to have to show us; He’s going to have to give us His wisdom.”

“We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. We’re in a different place.”

“I believe that if we call out to God and ask for the wisdom of Solomon, He will show us because the Kingdom is never in trouble.”

“God will have His way over this nation and He will do that through you and I.”

“The good old days that never actually existed.”

“It will be because the rule and reign of Christ shining in us and we’re following the way of the Spirit each and every day so that our neighbours witness a sign, a foretaste and an instrument of the Kingdom.”

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