Building Hope

Pastor Jeff Knott explores the Vision of Grace Church with “Building Hope”:

“We all end up somewhere in life. What if we ended up there on purpose? What if we arrived somewhere God had destined for us all along?”

“Seeing what’s possible and moving in that direction.”

“It’s because of the cross and the resurrection that we have hope today.”

“Without forgiveness, without reconciliation there is no future. Because of the cross and the resurrection, we now can have peace with God and with each other – that is our hope.”

“Hope is our foundation.”

“There’s a present tense experience of hope as well – we have that through the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

“So know the gifts of the Spirit is the experience of things that are to come in the here and now.”

“If your hope quotient is getting low, press fully into the Spirit-filled life.”

“Know that the child of God always has access to hope.”

“Let hope clear the atmosphere.”

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